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    Installing Catalyst/GPU Drivers breaks Windows 7


      I've got a fresh install of Win7 on another drive in my system, trying to install AMD drivers for my R9 295x2. But when I try to install the drivers, it acts like it's installing them, and then when I restart, it doesn't load the start bar, and ctrl+alt+del brings up a black screen. I've tried every version of Catalyst I could find, from 12.x to 16.4, and all give the same result. I have reseated the card and checked the power cables. It's not a problem with the drive, as I have had the exact same problem on 2 other drives. I've tried both installing all other system drivers first, and installing AMD drivers first. I couldn't find anything on google related to this problem.

      System specs:
      i5-4690k CPU
      Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7 motherboard
      AMD R9 295x2 GPU
      32GB RAM
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      Thanks in advance.

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          It sounds as if your computer is not configured properly. Before any AMD graphics card will install, your computer must be fully updated from Windows Update. Set your update option to 'Windows and other Microsoft products'. SP1 must be installed. Pay special attention to the relevant 'Optional' and 'Recommended' updates which will include the .netframework and C++ upgrades which are required. After all this, then install the AMD drivers.

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            i5 4690k

            asus z97 pro wifi ac

            asus r9 280 g3d5


            win 7 ultimate 64

            27" hdmi


            Those AMD drivers are s..... as hell seriously. I've always refused automatic updates but today i got weak and click on accept on the popup for AMD installer.

            Result i heard a sound of device unplugging and black screen.

            Now i'm struggling as hell to get things back working normally. First i had to remove the graphic card to finally be able to boot on the vga (for wich i had to go find  a cable elsewhere of course and resume the igfx on the bios). Uninstalled the driver, installed a fresh one, not working on HDMI, then radeon settings said "no drivers...", did a system restore to a date everything was working normally (15.11 drivers i think). Still HDMI out, now i can have the HDMI working on the TV, but the samsung 27" still don't recognize it.

            So it might be about c++ upgrades i might be missing right? why don't the amd stupid update tool doesn't include a checking script that would avoid me  loosing almost 5h on it just because i've been stupid enough to accept the "update your driver now".

            I'm really pissed off at myself to accept this auto-update and at AMD to make updates that can have that bad consequences, seriously can't you make checking scripts that would say you miss that or that thing to get it working instead of adding whatever side program i don't care much about such as gaming evovled or play tv?

            Can't you make the graphic card you are selling working with the update you provide with the connection you advertise on?

            Hopefully i would get this working back but aren't you ashamed to provide such a bad service?