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Patch causes system failure wheres my old version of the software?

Question asked by halorath on Apr 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by amdmatt

Past 2 weeks been getting 3 pop-ups per day from Razer as they're constantly updating their software every 7 hours which is annoying as hell.
Past 3 years been getting windows update that mess around with my system one screwed up and rejected my AMD drivers, another patch prevented Norton users from accessing the internet (thank god my phone was un-effected), and a bunch of other annoying issues.


And today..
So half an hour ago I have AMD giving me a pop-up saying "UPDATE", sure why not AMD have yet to burn me on an update.

So I'm writing out an email and also writing up a document at the same time (good thing google and Microsoft keep drafts).


After a minute or two from allowing AMD to update in the background my sound device shuts down no more music, so I then check on how the update is going in the background and it tells me it's complete with the "do you want to restart now?" screen, hmm wheres my sound? so I click "no I do not want to restart now" cause I want to finish up this email and save my documents before I restart, but no right after clicking that button and alt-tabbing to google chrome I was met with a black page, which I then pulled up task manager, 20 seconds later still no task manager, ctrl-alt-delete.. nothing, and then my graphics card fails with a nice disco monitor effect, I then do an immediate restart and in the process of starting up the computer had issues reading two of my 4TB hard drives and needed to scan them for disc errors.


So AMD where is the link to the previous AMD drivers I was using?

I'm using an AMD motherboard and graphics card on this system so will need both motherboard and graphic card packages.

New patches and drivers are meant to fix and resolve issues and I am certainly not using drivers and patches that cause total system failure 1 minute after being installed.



3 years ago a guy came in for an interview to the computer store I work at with over 15 different programming qualifications and 13 years experience as a programmer and he wanted to be a technician, he had absolutely no qualifications necessary for a technician (keep in mind that we have to resit our qualifications every few years to make sure we're still up to date) obviously he never had a chance to get the job but for the fun of it I asked him what he knows about ESD in the computing industry and he said it's what happens if you dumb enough to roll around on the carpet and then touch a piece of computer hardware.


I couldn't even hold back my face palm.


This is the modern day programmer...


For you AMD programmers write this down:

The smallest static spark can be caused by around 1000 electrostatic volts, larger vehicle door sparks and doorknob sparks can be caused by as much as 10,000 electrostatic volts. Yet, it only takes 25 electrostatic volts to irreparably damage an integrated circuit.


Ever seen sparks when taking your clothes out of the dryer? my bed sheets give off so many sparks after being tumbled.

Scratch your hair / rub your pants / put on shirt / pet your cat / thick legs so inner pants are rubbing together while walking / take clothes out of dryer (this is a big one 5,000 and up), static electricity.

You'll gain more static electricity from half an hour of walking outside than 5 minutes of rolling around on the carpet (clothes and carpet, both produce static electricity), people move their arms while walking -> armpits -> movement -> cloth on cloth action -> static babies.

Raise your arm up above your head and your shirt will rub against your entire stomach and back making those wee statics.

Your flat screen monitors, YEP static electricity builds up on the screen, when upgrading a computer do you move your monitor out of the way?

Paper, YUP.

Leather, YUP.

Cat fur, YUP pet your cat often? my cat loves rolling around on the carpet.

Sex in bed YEAH UH HUH bigger static than carpet.


If any of you AMD programmers ever want to be a technician, don't ever list any of your programming qualifications on your CV / resume because we'll throw it out or bring you in for an interview for a laugh.

As a Technician I'm always cleaning up your messes, and progressively the updates to programs of all kinds are fixing minor problems un-noticed by the majority of computer users and at the same time causing major problems.

After having a complete system failure from a direct result of your brand new update I'm not interested in finding out how bad it's going to get so links to previous updates, thank you.