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AMD Upgrade Slowing And Freezing Computer

Question asked by jhill on Apr 25, 2016
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A few hours ago I was prompted to complete an AMD upgrade on my computer, and since the upgrade my computer slows, stalls or freezes on nearly every action. And by nearly every action, I mean every mouse click, every typed word, every clicked link, every scroll.... it's excruciating. This is my work computer, and it's completely impossible to use like this. I have restarted the computer 4 times already and on the first 3 restarts the computer was restarting in a black screen I have never seen before with a message about "Watchdog Initialization". I have never had that screen or message, and my computer has never behaved like this upgrade has caused it to behave. How do undo this upgrade, and prevent this from ever happening again


1. Windows 10


2. HP Pavillion TouchSmart - 2014