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DUAL GPU restart without monitor could render crossfire disabled.

Question asked by wilsonyu1996 on Apr 25, 2016

This post is intended for amd software developer to duplicate the issue and help user who have a similar issue.


Here is my specs:

xfx r9 295x2

gigabyte z97 ud5h

i7 4790k

16gb corsair vengeance

evga supernova 1500w

500 samsung ssd

5tb hdd

1tb hdd

wifi card



The issue:

DUAL GPU restart headless, without monitor attached, will/could disable crossfire and here is how to duplicate this issue.

1. detach the monitor either when the computer is running or when it's off. ( you should do this with the pc turned on, higher chance of success)

2. restart and check in gpuz or radeon setting to see if crossfire is disabled.

3. restart won't enable crossfire.

4. THIS IS NOT CAUSED BY ULPS!! DON'S SUGGEST TURNING THIS OFF. In fact ULPS don't show disabled in gpuz. It should show: 2 gpus enabled ULPS active.


The solution:

1. Turn off the PC.

2. detach monitor from dual gpu and attach the monitor to onboard video, but DON'T TURN IT ON YET. ( I am using intel cpu so I have an onboard graphic)

3. remove the gpu from motherboard.

4. turn it on.

5.login to window.

6.turn off pc

7. install gpu and ATTACH IT TO A MONITOR or else everything you did is useless.

8. turn it on and login.

9. crossfire should be enabled.


I think this issue is related to this the issue happened before the crimson driver is released (Here is the link to another post on this issue). I don't know is this an isolated incident that only happened to me or someone else is being affected by this I hope this can help amd developer and other user.