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7950 hang when running some programs since Win10 upgrade

Question asked by kryik on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by amdmatt

Ever since upgrading to Win10 I've been getting system freezes, usually with a rapidly  looping sound. There is no minidump created despite my efforts to ensure one would be created. The most eventviewer says about the occurrences is that an unexpected shutdown occurred.


I have reinstalled the OS as cleanly as possible, cleaned the registry, used SFC, DSIM, and chkdsk, cleanly reinstalled graphics and other drivers multiple times, and tried using the Verifier. When using verifier, on startup, I get a verifier detection error on amd_xata.sys, suggesting that my graphics card drivers are the issue. I've tried several different versions of the graphics card drivers as well.


The problem does not occur 100% at random, it seems to happen while I have Minecraft running at any time, or Rainbow Six Siege while in a menu of some sort. It has very rarely occurred during ARMA 3 gameplay, and has not been observed to occur during Battlefield 4 gameplay. The game need not be focused for the freeze to occur.


No BSOD occurs, when the system freezes everything just locks up and it plays the sound loop until I hard restart my machine.


Sometimes the problem takes hours to pop up, other times it happens very swiftly, the behavior doesn't seem to be consistent with overheating or hardware malfunction.


Any advice? DxDiag pastebin


Not sure what to do with my msinfo file since it is too large for pastebin.