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Windows 10

Question asked by антон_164 on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by techguy
Good afternoon. There was a strange problem on this configuration FX8350 4,0GTS , m5a97 r2.0, DRR3 1600 8GB, install Windows 10, all went well , 
but when I went in and did a test AIDA64 saw next was my processor is 2 nuclear CPU cycles ...
of course performance CPU does not work to its fullest , but I AIDA64 has revealed that all 8 cores are working ,
but the test says I have 2 cores .. changes Bios , drivers installed , to no avail !!! Compared with windose 8 or 7 , I
have not seen , but on the 10 there is a problem !!!


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