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how do I minimize A6 shared video memory

Question asked by ezward on Apr 24, 2016

I have an HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11 with an A6 and 4gb of memory running Windows 10.  I 'updated' the drive and now am running AMD gaming evolved stuff.  When I use the AMD Radeon Settings app, it says I have 512mb of video memory.  Windows memory settings confirm this.  I am not doing any gaming or graphics on this machine.  I would like to reduce the amount of RAM dedicated to graphics to be the minimum necessary to run on this machine.  The AMD Radeon app does not let me change this setting, it just shows it to me.  I've booted into the bios and their is no setting for this in the bios.  The actual driver has very very detailed settings of ram address ranges, but this seems way to low level to mess with.  How can I reduce the amount of ram dedicated to video to the very minimum?  Thank you for your help.