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where can i find full ISA specification?

Question asked by tomcat on Apr 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2016 by tomcat

Hi All!


for example i manually investigated possible formats of V_MOV_B32 command for SRC0 parameter -

last 9 bits of V_MOV_B32 -

    0 1000 0000 - insert 0 into vdst

    0 1111 1111 - insert 4B value

    0 0xxx xxxx - get from sgpr#

    1 xxxx xxxx - get from vgpr#

but i haven't found such exact specification for SRC0 parameter of V_MOV_B32 in any ISA manual from AMD, no difference for "nothern islands", "sea islands" or other.

may be anywhere exists other sources but i dont know where. may be anybody knows where i should seek for it.


Best Regards!