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Problems with games in fullscreen on multimonitor setups with new Crimson drivers on Crossfire HD7970's

Question asked by rsslone on Apr 24, 2016

Hello, I am wondering why there still is lack of driver support for the HD7970. I have had this problem since Crimson released and reverted back to pre-crimson drivers and checked up on it the other day assuming enough time has passed for the bugs to be worked out to no avail. Here is what I know: On the HD7970 (crossfire enabled + disabled) games launch in full screen as a blank black window and flickers, along with all secondary's flickering. I know of this problem with Counter Strike Global Offensive and Rocket League in fullscreen mode. The problem does not exist when you either run in a windowed mode or boarderless windowed mode, or disable all secondary monitors. It does not matter if Vsync is enabled or disabled or Crossfire is enabled or disabled. Temperature on the cards and CPU are normal and power draw is not a issue. Can I get some information if this can be fixed or if this is a known problem?


Important System Information :


Display 1 : 1920x1080 @ 68hz

Display 2 : 1440x900 @ 60hz

Display 3 : 1366x768 @ 60hz

2x HD7970 GHZ Edition's in crossfire

Windows 8.1 Pro 64x

AMD FX 8350