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Black Screening Help

Question asked by luker0406 on Apr 23, 2016
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Sapphire R9 380 4GB ( Running Crimson 16.3.2 )

16gb DDR3 Ram

OS : Windows 10



So i was playing rust(Survival Game) the other day and it was all running fine i have played over 950 hours no problem on it until then my screen came up saying there is a problem restarting PC. this has come up once before just ignored it restarted and went back on to rust as normal. after about 10 minutes my PC Black Screened it was still on and didn't switch off and i could hear the game sound for about 10 minutes until it all went quiet then i forced shut down. So i read something people telling me to turn off the ingame overlay i did that but the problem still occured yesterday. my friend who is a youtuber had the same problem when he updated to the driver that i am on but he could revert back as i have no onboard graphics on my cpu i cannoy do this, i have just tried underclocking my gpu see if it fixes i will keep you updated on this.