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R9 380 Fans don't spin at all

Question asked by kaycee on Apr 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2016 by kaycee

Okay guys, I badly need your help. I've recently purchased a fresh R9 380 from sapphire tech but the thing is, the fans won't spin at all. I am very much aware of the IFC system or whatever, but the fans on my R9 380 just won't spin even on 90°C. The only time it spins is when the card gets abnormally hot like 90+° making a whirring sound louder than a vacuum. The driver i downloaded is crimson 16.3.2, but i've also tried the 16.4.1 hotfix(?) nothing seems to make it work. It's really weird because when i look at the overdrive setting, the fan speed rises as the temperature of the GPU rises but the actual fan does not spin. I've read a lot of the posts regarding fan issues but none of the solutions suggested seem adequate. Are there any fixes out there that i am not aware of?