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R9 390X running at 94C consistently

Question asked by tylernv on Apr 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by swedgen

Recently purchased a pre-built PC from HP.  Needless to say everything has been running smoothly up until I checked my temps using HWMonitor (I also checked with other software such as SpeedFan/AB to make sure there were no errors) which showed me the results that my GPU (R9 390X 8GB) was running at 94C consistently on games.  I was experiencing no screen tearing/artifacting/etc and was running the games at 60fps+.  Still being slightly worried I contacted both AMD and HP about it who assured me it was perfectly fine for the card to run at 94C and that it would not shorten the life-span of the card or cause any hardware damage.  My question is, is there anyone else here that has had any similar situations with a reference R9 390X?  Also does this seem normal at all for AMD reference cards?


image:  (this is what my card looks like)