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nsis error while trying to update graphics drivers

Question asked by mikeicke93 on Apr 23, 2016

I've been having an issue while trying to update my drivers for my desktop.


cpu intel core i7 960

gpu 2 radeon hd 6970 in crossfire

psu silent pro 1000w

memory 24gb of crucial ballistics

storage Kingston ssdnow 250gb

also have a 2tb hdd.

I go to the amd website and go to the manually select your driver

step 1 desktop graphics

step 2 radeon hd series

step 3 radeon hd6xxx series PCIe

step 4 windows 7 64bit

next window choose the catalyst software suite and choose run then it gives a Microsoft Silverlight error which I updated earlier today. ive also tried the automatically detect and install your driver option as well and it gives me an nsis error. tried to run it in the command prompt with the /ncrc and it still gives the same error.