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Display Driver stopped responding solution (and bad catalyst update!)

Question asked by thom14123 on Apr 23, 2016

I make this post to voice my anger about the new AMD Catalyst update. This will be a long post.



1) Display Driver stopped responding problem

I encountered this problem in 2014 while playing World of Warcraft and a few other games. I have an i7-4700K, 16GB RAM and a factory-overclocked Gigabyte Windfury Radeon R9 280X (overclocked to 1100 Mhz Core). Gigabyte made a mistake here, the card is not good enough for this factory overclock, but I just bought it because it has three fans, anyway. With Core 1100 Mhz, every few minutes I get "Display Driver stopped responding", even in games that do not need much, like WoW. When I activate AMD OverDrive and reset the core clock to its default (I think it's 950 Mhz or something like that), then the problem goes away immediately, and I am happy with the default clock.

Back in 2014, I searched about 2-3 months for a solution. I found countless forum threads, but the weird thing was, that both Radeon and nVidia graphics cards had this problem. Also, people with many different operating systems had this problem.


2) Since I downclocked the Core to its default, I had no problem. However, a few days ago, AMD Catalyst was updated. All Overdrive settings were reset, so my Core clock was too high again. There was no notification from AMD Catalyst about this!  This is why I am super angry at AMD! In the middle of an important game, I realised the problem (after getting DisplayDriver stopped responding + disconnect every few seconds or minutes!), and I couldnt find the Overdrive setting because the whole interface was reworked! Because of this, I now hate AMD! I really hope you (AMD) realize how idiotic it is no display no notification when you reset such important settings!