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Radeon HD 8210 Black Screen and Windows Boot Logo After AMD recommended install

Question asked by ylluminate on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2016 by humdingaling

I'm working on an Acer Aspire V5-122P-0408 and found that after the Windows 10 upgrade, the System and Compressed Memory Service runs rampant (continually consumes 30-50% of the processor) when Windows 10 automatically updates to the most recent AMD driver.  I traced it out to atikmdag.sys as the source of this utilization.


I decided to try to use the AMD `autodetectutility.exe` which in turn recommended the Crimson minimal driver.  Appears to be from 3/21/2016 (version 16.150.2211.0).


After this was automatically installed and before reboot, the screen went black.  I could do nothing but hard power it down (hold power in for 5 sec) and restart.  Each subsequent reboot yielded a black screen or a "hung" Windows 10 logo + spinner.  After hitting this wall, I found that nothing would bring Windows 10 into Safe Mode for repair, so I had to blow away this user's operating system, enable legacy boot, reinstalled Windows 10 and then used WinAero to enable Windows 7 style booting with boot selection options at start.


After the reinstall, things went well for some time when using the Microsoft drivers, but obviously the graphics / video was not accelerated.  Windows 10 initiated an automatic upgrade to the "proper" driver and lo and behold, the "system and compressed memory" issue returned.  I could not resolve it.  I then went ahead and ran the automated installer again from AMD in hopes that things would be different this time, but the same thing happened and the screen is black and the system is unusable.


Fortunately now I can reboot into safe mode and roll back the driver, but it is still the one that polls the processor all of the time and makes this system unusable.


What can I do to resolve this situation with proper working drivers since the ones that AMD recommends create this problem each time?