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    R9 390 drivers are not working with ProLite E481S


      A few days ago i bought an old monitor (ProLite E481S) for using it as second monitor on my desktop-pc.

      I am using a Dvi-D connection.

      My main monitor is connected with a HDMI cable because i use the audio of the monitor.


      The Problem is that the ProLite gets no signal when the graphic drivers are activated.

      If i start the pc in safe mode both monitors are fine but even when i uninstall all old drivers and then

      intall the new one, the Prolite gets no signal.


      So i am sure it's not an issue of the cable, it seems it is an issue of the drivers.


      Has anyone a solution for this problem?



      main monitor - Aoc 2490 fwt

      Win 10 64 Bit

      i5 4460