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AMD drivers issue with Dell Inspiron

Question asked by tzoukritzou on Apr 22, 2016
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I have a Dell Inspiron 5545 with dual graphics, AMD R6 and R7 M265DX. I have Windows 10 64bit and the drivers from AMD would not work well so all this time I had the drivers Windows update provided, which were better, not the quality of the drivers of when I had Windows 7 but better than the drivers the AMD support site provided. On 5 of April I received a notification in my computer from AMD update telling me than new drivers went out (those of 4 April) and I installed them. Those were the best drivers ever, everything ran super smooth and the games played excellent. After that I had to format my laptop for irrelevant reasons and after formatting I downloaded the latest 4 of April drivers from the AMD website. Then this strange issue occured; Everytime i pressed the power button to power up my pc, it shut down at the boot screen. The second time I pressed the power up, it would boot normally, with the exception that the boot time would be really longer. I figured out that it could be a drivers problem, so I uninstalled them and indeed, the boot time returned back to normal and the issue with the boot shutdown went away. Then, I installed the drivers from the autodetect utility and the same issue persisted so I went back again to Windows update drivers. However, the Windows drivers are really bad as long as games are concerned. My question is, where can I find those drivers that AMD update had suggested on 5th of April, those who played really great?

Thank you for your time.