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EYEFINITY 2x HD5870 9 or 12 Screen Setup as one Desktop Group ?

Question asked by gogolbordello on Apr 22, 2016

hi. I have two HD5870 Eyefinity cards (no Crossfire). 12 miniDP outputs.

If i connect 6 Screens i have the ability to group the screens i to one single large desktop.

All works fine. But if i connect more lets say 9 screens.

I see the picture on each screen but i do not get the option to make a 3x3 group. 2x3 is still the maximum i get.

I use catalyst v15.20.


How do i connect more than 6 screens and group them in to one lagre desktop ?


its not for gaming. i need to play a full screen video. like on a video wall.


please help it's urgent.


thank you all.