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    A10-7850 graphic issue


      When I play Quantum Break I have a bad rendering of the game.

      Screenshot (6).png


      I've tried to reinstall the lastest drivers but nothing changed.


      The same thing occurred when I played Star Wars Battlefront, but disabling Tessellation everything went fine. I can't disable Tessellation in Quantum Break.


      Why I have this problem with Tessellation FX?



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          Have you tried finding the game in radeon settings, then choose Tesselation mode OVERRIDE Application settings then Maximum level to OFF?

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              Thank you for your response.

              The Radeon software doesn't find the game, so I had to edit "Global Settings". But unfortunately after setting Tessellation OFF the problem remains.

              Maybe because Quantum Break is a Windows Store Game (basically an app), so it doesn't care if I edit Global Setting in the radeon software?