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    How do I delete all game profiles from Crimson?


      Crimson automatically adds hundreds of game profiles. It is not fun to navigate through all this crap and it is not fun when it takes ten seconds to load anything.

      It did this for every fresh install of Crimson except once for 16.3.2 where it failed to automatically create profiles. Then I messed it up by updating to 16.4.1.


      Stupid designs like this just makes me go back to Catalyst.


      So please. Tell my how I can delete/prevent game profiles en masse.

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          Unfortunately this is not possible, however i will pass your feedback on.

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              Maybe resubmit the issue on a higher priority queue? Still a problem more than a year later. Crimson was designed on the principle of being fast and light on resources. If we want custom profiles for individual games; then it can compile a list of registered games when we want to make one. This is otherwise quite annoying considering it's the only design choice that contradicts the original concept of the platform shift.

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              I may be missing the point of the question, but it seems to me to be about the Gaming profiles that are 'created' in Radeon settings? If so, and if you have no enabled profiles.



              ---> Gaming Tab

              Select any profile

              Toggle any setting

              Toggle same setting again

              Click 'Back' arrow

              Game profile you selected will now show as Enabled

              New option appears at top of Gaming tab allowing you to 'Enable All', 'Disable All' or 'Reset All'.



              Note: Enable and Disable only toggle profiles that have already been set. If a profile has not been enabled then it uses the settings found in global settings. By default profiles are not set.


              So unless you have set a profile by making a change like above, or launched the game from the Gaming tab it won't have a profile set and will just use the global settings. In other words, it doesn't so much automatically create profiles for games, but rather it scans for games during the install and gives you the ability to make settings changes to individual games if you so choose, or leave them as is and simply use the global settings.


              In terms of Navigation, it is alphabetical, and in terms of why it takes you ten seconds to load anything - without knowing more I can't comment.

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                  It isn't about having enabled/disabled game profiles. It's about having hundreds of them that chugs the GUI. Why hundreds? It's because I have hundreds of games installed. Why? Why not?


                  It takes about 5-10 seconds to just select a game profile, delete, confirm, and actually delete the game profile. Why delete hundreds of them? It takes 10-15 seconds to load all those profiles. It takes some time to sort through those profiles. Then it takes 5-10 seconds to edit a game profile. It is frustrating.


                  I had Crimson glitch in one reinstall that only auto-created five profiles out of hundreds. It was fine until I updated to the latest beta version. I have been unable to reproduce that fortunate error. I have used DDU and AMDs Clean Uninstall to no success.

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                  I had this problem too, except I had so many games that hitting the Gaming tab would cause AMD Settings to freeze as it soared to 4GB of memory usage. This made Crimson useless to me since I couldn't even change my global settings, much less per-game settings. Sent off a report about it late last year to no avail.


                  Thankfully there's a quick, easy, harmless workaround if the majority of your games happen to come from Steam and/or Uplay. The AMD Settings app populates that game list from your registry, the same place 'Programs and Features' does in the control panel, so if you remove the Uninstall shortcuts that Steam and Uplay make then the AMD Settings app won't know you have them installed after a reboot (and you can just right-click uninstall your games from within the Steam/Uplay client later on as needed).


                  Someone made a batch script to remove all Steam games from 'Programs and Features' at once here: Removing Steam Games from Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) Windows – Furgelnod's Fyrgilnadium  (You can modify it to work for Uplay by replacing "Steam App" with "Uplay Install")


                  CCleaner has a nice tool that lets you remove entries from 'Programs and Features' instead of uninstalling. Just go to Tools>Uninstall, find what you want gone (but not uninstalled) and hit 'Delete' instead of 'Uninstall'.


                  You can also individually delete them from the registry at your own risk removing "Steam App #" or "Uplay Install #" from:



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                    I just tried the bat file suggested by amiga2000

                    It did its job, there are no more game entries in the Programs and Features list.


                    After that I uninstalled Radeon Settings and driver, ran DDU from safe mode, reinstalled - all hundreds profiles are back...


                    Does anyone else have other suggestions?

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                      I found a better solution via Reddit.
                      The situation with the profiles was actually the cause of my Crimson ReLive crash, not something else on my system.
                      In the end this is what I ended up doing.

                      Taskmanger > Kill Radeon Settings: Host Application


                      navigating to %LOCALAPPDATA%\AMD\CN
                      Opening gmdb.blb  with Notepad++
                      Do a Replace from the Search menu


                      Replace all "hidden": "FALSE"
                      With "hidden": "TRUE"


                      Restart Radeon Settings

                      Open up the Gaming Panel in Radeon Settings to check if all Profiles are gone, you should be left with only "Global Settings" in that panel.

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