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7970 can't load any games, black screens but game is still running. Does not crash or force reboot.

Question asked by noutika on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by noutika

Asus Rampage IV Extreme

I7 4820k

OCZ Fatality 1000w

32gb Kingston h20

Intel 730/Corsair Neutron XT SSD

Asus PB278 1440p connected via HDMI

Windows 10

Power Color 7970


I've used DDU multiple times for various versions of the crimson, and none of the have fixed the issue, however, after every DDU and reinstall, my games will launch and run completely fine. I can play for as long as I want and I get 0 issues. Its a one time thing though, after it runs the first time, with no other settings changed in anywhere, I cannot get the game to run again. For some games it crashes once it reaches a fullscreen loading screen, for some games it gets past the loading screen only to freeze, but the game will still be running in the background. I can hear the game audio and still control my character, except my screen is frozen in the loading screen/black screen. When i alt tab out of the program for the first time my screen will flicker, for a fraction of a second, and that flicker will show the game visuals and all. Once i alt tab out and tab back in, its black screen and I can no longer alt tab back out, have to close the game to return to desktop. Tried disabling anything that could be interfering with the drivers, uninstalled msi afterburner...any other software out there that have conflicts with the crimson software?

This is actually my backup card for my GTX 690 and the last time i tried to play games on it it gave me the exact same issues, back on windows 7, dont know if that helps.