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HTC Vive bluescreen when launching applications through SteamVR

Question asked by meticulousruss on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by splatman_dk

I consistently get a BSOD when launching *any* SteamVR app from within SteamVR on Windows 8.1.  This issue started happening around the time that SteamVR betas included the reprojection feature (my theory for the cause) and I haven't been able to use any SteamVR builds from that point on (stable/public or beta).  In order to continue my own development work, I can only use SteamVR beta build v1457503340.


This has been on the last two releases of Radeon drivers (now 16.4.1, and the release before that (16.4?)).


I've filed this issue with Valve technical support who seem confident this is an AMD driver issue.

Supporting this theory, I've supplied them with minidump files and particulars of the crash to such an extent that they say they can't help until AMD addresses the issue and have filed a case with AMD but have heard nothing yet (going on a month now).


I've also updated Windows everything, done system file check, completely uninstalled/reinstalled AMD Radeon drivers (including DDU in safe mode).