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    HTC Vive bluescreen when launching applications through SteamVR


      I consistently get a BSOD when launching *any* SteamVR app from within SteamVR on Windows 8.1.  This issue started happening around the time that SteamVR betas included the reprojection feature (my theory for the cause) and I haven't been able to use any SteamVR builds from that point on (stable/public or beta).  In order to continue my own development work, I can only use SteamVR beta build v1457503340.


      This has been on the last two releases of Radeon drivers (now 16.4.1, and the release before that (16.4?)).


      I've filed this issue with Valve technical support who seem confident this is an AMD driver issue.

      Supporting this theory, I've supplied them with minidump files and particulars of the crash to such an extent that they say they can't help until AMD addresses the issue and have filed a case with AMD but have heard nothing yet (going on a month now).


      I've also updated Windows everything, done system file check, completely uninstalled/reinstalled AMD Radeon drivers (including DDU in safe mode).

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          Can you please post the BSOD error and bug check code? You can get this information using utilities such as BlueScreenView or WhoCrashed.

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            I have the same problem.

            Card: R290X

            OS: Win 8.1

            Driverversions with error:




            BSOD message:

            Video scheduler internal error


            Switching from direct mode to extended mode fixes this but probably also disables reproduction. Have to test this this evening.

            Edit: Just tested it: Turning off reproduction does not help. In fact it speeds up the time after an application start until it crashes.

            I have uploaded a Bluescreenview dump:




            Here are some others with the same problem

            Video scheduler internal error and pc crash on room setup :: SteamVR General Discussions

            Interestingly they are all on Win 8.1


            Hope that helps,


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              Same problems on my end:


              i5 2500k 4,4 Ghz

              Amd r9 290x tri x

              8 gig

              Windows 8.1


              (running the latest amd driver:



              Crimson Edition 16.4.2 Hotfix)

              tried previous drivers --> same results


              Error: Video_scheduler_internal_error









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                  For me it helped to unplug all of my monitors except the Vive and my main Monitor. Since then I don't get any crashes anymore in direct mode.

                  But just now I wanted to watch a youtube video on my monitor with the Vive and SteamVR still turned on and it instantly crashed my PC with the same error as soon as the video started. This time I even needed to restart my Pc 4 times and then wait some minutes until it was operational again. The first time I would just get a black screen with my mouse or would have my regular desktop but can't click on anything.

                  To me it looks like the driver has some really nasty problems there...

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                      I can confirm that the Problem is tied to Win 8.1:


                      I tried Win10  in combination with SteamVR today and it worked perfectly. I could use virtual Desktop (watching Videos, Playing Games) for over an hour without a single systemcrash. As well i could use the Steam Theater modus without any problems!! Very solid experience!


                      On Win8.1  it crashed immediately in most cases (starting Virtual Desktop or Steam Theater mode ----> Video Scheduler Internal Error)


                      So hope this helps.


                      In Addition in the SteamVR disussion are now more people experiencing this and its always the same Story:


                      R290 in combination with win 8.1..

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                          I have the same issue. Came here looking for possible solutions. Running Windows 8.1 and do not wish to upgrade if possible, as the machine is effectively an upgraded HTPC. Since Media Center is deprecated in Windows 10 I have no desire to upgrade.


                          I am using a 390X (Strix) though, not a 290. Still, it seems the 8 GB RAM could be the common factor?

                          The issue has become more widespread after a few updates to both AMD drivers and the HTC Vive software. I am now effectively unable to complete even the Room setup without the system crashing. The result is always a BSD with "Video_scheduler_internal_error".


                          I'll refrain from posting crash logs, since previous posts here have yelded no results, and the contents of my logs are probably the same: there is a VGA driver issue.


                          Configuration: STRIX-R9390X-DC3OC-8GBD5, on Asus Z87-PRO with watercooled i5-4670K and 16 GB or Corsair 2600 MHz memory, 1200W PSU and SSD.

                          Main monitor: Samsung HDTV through Denon Amp, using HDMI Adapter on DVI port. HTC Vice connected to native HDMI port.


                          I have tried the following, with no result:

                          - Re-installing AMD drivers, including removing them "properly" using DDU in Safe mode

                          - WHQL driver and several different versions; from the most recent normal release to the newest beta drivers I could find.

                          - Bypassing the Denon Amp and connecting directly to the Samsung TV

                          - Disabling all overclocking (no change)

                          - Downclocking RAM to JEDEC specs at 1333 MHz

                          - Reinstalling Vive software

                          - Reinstalling Steam software

                          - Uninstalling all software that produces overlay, like ASUS AI Suite, iMON Manager, PlaysTV, and more.

                          - Uninstalling hardware drivers for any non-essential component

                          - Lock Intel iGPU to 64 MB of memory.
                          - Disabling Intel iGPU in the UEFI setup, to make sure its not active at all


                          I do not seem to have this issue with non-VR games.


                          I have not imaged the SSD and tried upgrading to Windows 10 just for testing. It'll be my next step since missing Media Center is a lesser evil than having a defunct VR kit in the living room.


                          Hope others post more details so we can get more data.

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                              After the recent update to driver 16.15.2211 (Crimson Edition 16.5.3 Hotfix) released on may 23rd I no longer experience crashes.


                              I'll also add that for reasons unknown, the crashes seemed to be mostly on works created with the Unity engine - though in fairness it's impossible to say if the fault lies with the 3D engine, the driver, the OS or the D3D stack.


                              There are a few new bleeding issues with the new driver but that's a matter for another thread I suppose.


                              Since I am not experiencing these crashes anymore I will not be upgrading to Windows 10 to see if that fixes the issue, since (as mentioned) I prefer to keep Win 8.1 due to Media Center being deprecated in Windows 10.

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