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    Bios screen resolution - Radeon R9 390 bios fault


      The Radeon graphic card R9 390 or Motherboard MSI 990FXA Bios not are recognize the monitor (screen) resolution size. I can´t configure all of bios itens because they are hidden. What is happening??? I am using FX9590 AMD processor, 2133 DRR3 Corsair memory 16 gb, Corsair power suplier 600W, Kingston SSD 256 gb, 500 gb Sansung 7.200rpm SATA and Cooler Master Nepton 240M. Does the power supply is not holding the power consumption? There is no other symptoms indicating that I need increase the power supplier. There quick freezes in the game Need for Speed. If I increase the power supply solves the problem? Resuming, the bios image size is too bigger for screen size. Please, i need help!!!