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    when i install driver windows black screens r9 280x windows 7 64 bit


      i just had my card RMA gigabyte R9 280x (replaced with what im hoping is a good card)  i put the "new" card into my machine,  asus m5a97 mobo, AMD 8350  processor, 16 gig of ram. the old card ran fine for a year, once i plugged the new card into my box and started it up it had graphics until i got to the windows loading screen, at which point i have random horizontal lines appearing on screen, once windows loads in, after the log in screen my screen goes black, if i start windows in safe mode with networking it runs fine, i uninstall all video drivers from device manager and restart my comp in normal mode, i have no issues, however once i try to put the card drivers back on, have tried the latest drivers 16.something along with working drivers back to 14.10 with no luck, i install drivers, restart and then load into windows and black screen. not sure if i got a faulty card in my RMA or if there is a driver issue with windows, i have seen a  lot of these issues through a google search but i cant seem to find a solution that works for me. im running windows 7 professional 64 bit.


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          First, go to Windows Update and update your computer...especially the relevant 'Optional' and 'Recommended' updates. These will include the .netframeworks and C++ upgrades. This must be done before trying to install AMD graphics drivers.


          After you have done the updates....clean install these AMD graphics drivers > Desktop

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            I have a very similar (read same) issue. Will post more information once I can boot into my machine!


            • Dell Optiplex XE (2010) (obviously not a hardcore gamer, just need a PC to practice my flying on and, until yesterday, this rig has worked flawlessly with new Q9300 and Radeon 7950)
            • Intel Q9300
            • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
            • Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 (single monitor, LG 49" 4K TV, HDMI-out)


            Hadn't started my machine in 3 weeks (as of yesterday, 4/20/2016) and hadn't connected to the internet since then, either. BUT, I do have auto updates turned on. Fired up Flight Simulator X and started a 2 hour flight. 1 hour in, screen turned blue and white checkered and audio went to terrible droning sound. Rebooted machine. Showed the windows logo on black backdrop "starting Windows" then goes to black screen and no sound. Went into Safe Mode, deleted driver, deleted everything AMD/ATI, reinstalled drivers from disk (15.x) and it worked for about 15 minutes. Went into Crimson Settings and clicked "update". As soon as the update (16.x) installed, it rebooted and did the black screen thing again. This time, uninstalled everything using IObit Uninstaller and wiped out all the ATI/AMD/Raptr/Vulkan folders in Programs Files. Reinstalled from disk. This time, it would not boot again. As soon as I delete all AMD drivers, I can boot into Windows 7 just fine (not Safe Mode, but regular boot), but no AMD software/settings.


            Contacted Sapphire support and they said they believe my GPU is bad. However:

            1. I have had this GPU since Christmas.
            2. It works perfectly fine in Safe Mode.
            3. After reinstalling drivers 1st time, it worked wonderfully.
            4. I can see BIOS splash and "Starting Windows" black screen with logo, so this doesn't sound like bad GPU to me...


            ANY guidance would be so appreciated! Yes, my GPU is under warranty, but I don't think replacing will solve this issue.