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    Radeon Settings will not open


      Hello everyone! I am having a problem with the AMD Radeon Settings (Crimson) not opening no matter what. I have tried everything from running DDU and reinstalling latest drivers, to running as administrator, running SFC /SCANNOW, and even installing Crimson drivers 16.3.2. My specifications for my PC are:

      Windows 10 Home 64-bit


      8GB G.Skill 1866 RAM

      R9 380

      GA-Z97-HD3 (Motherboard)

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          It sounds as if you have already undertaken a fair amount of troubleshooting. I have one more step you can try and if this does not resolve the issue, i would recommend a fresh Windows Installation.


          Navigate to the following location.


          Inside the A464 folder run the A4 installer package.


          Navigate back to the Core-Static folder and run the CCC Slim installer package.


          Restart your system and determine if the issue is resolved.


          It you are still unable to open additional settings, please perform the following actions.


          1. Fresh installation of Windows 10
          2. Fully update Windows 10 until all available updates are installed
          3. Download and run DDU. Follow the prompt and restart into Safe Mode and run DDU, click Clean and Restart.
          4. Download the latest Crimson driver here.
          5. Test to see if the issue is resolved.