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    R9 380 no DVI signal


      Hi guys, today my XFX R9 380 4GB has arrived from Amazon so i could replace my old 5870. I've installed it in my computer and I removed the old graphic driver with DDU (in Windows safe mode). The problem appeared when, during the installation of the new drivers the screen goes black and no signal was received by the monitor on the usual DVI input. So I've the decided to plug in an HDMI cable and with it the signal was there. However the quality of my monitor HDMI input is terrible and so I need the DVI to work. The strange thing about this problem is that with the Windows drivers the DVI output worked good while with the latest AMD drivers it stopped working. I think the problem lies within the drivers because when I start my computer I can see the POST screen even on the DVI output but when Windows loads the drivers that output just goes blank with no signal.

      Thanks in advance to anyhow will help me solve this problem