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    trying to setup 6 monitors on radeon 5800 eyefinity




      We have a 2x3 setup of TV's, and are trying to connect them all to our Radeon card. Our card has 6 mini display ports.  We tried to use 6 hdmi to mini display port adapters,

      but found that only 2 of them would work, as I found that the Radeon will only support 2 non-mini display port connections. The TV's also have a vga port, so we bought 4 VGA to Mini Display port adapters.  Now, i can get the two tvs working (hdmi to mini display port adapters)

      and another 2 tv's working (vga to mini display port adapters), but we cannot get the other 2 tv's to work correctly. (vga to mini display port adapters).  as soon as we plug in one of the last 2 tv's,

      the resolution on the other tv's get all wonky (800x600), and won't work correctly. Help!!!

      I"ve been reading about active display ports.  Do we need to change out our existing adapters for active adapters?  or...  is the only way to use this card being that we have to use 4 monitors that are hooked up to native display ports?  (that would suck, as none of our tv's have displaly ports on them.