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AMD Driver causing reboot loop

Question asked by potato on Apr 19, 2016

I have no trouble restarting the computer when the GPU is not in the system. I have a R7 260X installed with the latest drivers. When I boot on the computer (cold), I get to windows and everything is fine. The problem appears when I click restart or something requires a restart. It will be normal until after the black screen with Windows loading. Then it will be a black screen for a little bit and then back to the beginning. When I enter safe mode, it will tell me the error of Blue Screen, but I don't physically see the blue screen when it happens. I tried the atikmdag.sys fixes and I initially thought that worked. However, in device manager, it will say that the driver did not boot correctly and windows would be stuttery. It's annoying that I have to hit shut down and then click the start button again for it to get into windows. The only way to get into windows is to computer off, then back on again. Thank you for your help.