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MSI R9 390 crossfire problems

Question asked by theboycooper on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by radeonr9_390_user

i'm running this rig with 2 MSI R9 390's all the information listed in the link 


i went with AMD and wanted it to be a joy and a fun experience and hindsight is a wonderful thing.  It's been a waste of money and a downright pain in the backside.  Crossfire should be avoided at all costs people DONT DO IT!    Really do take my advice, it's pointless just go NVIDIA and get a single card solution.


nothing works in crossfire - Hitman on the latest drives won't crossfire second card sits idle on 16.4.1 driver, the additional Radeon Setting option won't open either. Just Cause 3, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6, The division, Dark Souls 3 i could go on but they all don't work in crossfire and it's just appalling.


The drivers are always late and badly tested, they have put a load of new updates out but more problems have arisen than fixes.


The communication is very poor and it's not one bloke called Matt's job to inform a global user base what they are doing.  A statement would be good to either tell us to stop moaning as it's not going to be fixed so we can sell our AMD parts on eBay and go to the green team and Intel which seem to have a better all round experience for the customer.


Sad to say it this as i would love to see all us AMD fans succeed and enjoy our purchases and be singing AMD's praises rather than finally being angry and frustrated enough to post messages like this.