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System only detecting 2 of my 3 R9 290 GPU's

Question asked by physixz on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by safwen147

Ive been running windows 10 pro 64bit for a while but was running 14.4 drivers and i could use all 3 GPU's with no problems. I decided after being prompted for ages to update and now I've done so my pc can only see 2 of my R9 290's. I've update windows and checked the AMD drivers are up to date and waited a few weeks for updates but still no change. I can disable the cards on the motherboard via switches but i cannot move the cards around as they use a shared waterblock. The pc hasn't been moved in months so i doubt the card has been dislodged as they are bolted together to form a water tight seal. Can anyone offer any advice?