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    R9 380 low fps


      System: mb - 870a-g54, phenom2 1075t 3ghz, 16gb ram, r9 380(msi 2g) win10

      my fps at all new games are very low, its about 10-15frames, last one was dirt rally ~17fps at high. But my old gtx570 do it at 60fps, same problem with a project cars, wot, fallout4(2-10-25fps)

      crimson 16.4.1.

      p.s. when iam save game profile with my prefs, after reboot nothing will be work, cooler on gpu stopped and my card overheating to 95deg(

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          I would stop using it, right away, because people are losing their GPU's to over heating (I lost two and one was running the latest set of AMD drivers).


          I made a support request in the forum here and so far I get people also experiencing dead GPU's. I'm out a lot of money and am having a hard time figuring out if I simply move to Nvidia from now on, or, trust the upcoming Polaris release? Very demoralizing.