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      Since I love hearing from the Red Team Community so much, who can explain the pros and cons or differences in the 970 and 990 chipsets?

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          Are we talking about 990X or 990FX? Regardless the biggest difference is the number of PCIe lanes they provide and the number of video cards they can support.


          970 is a budget chipset that provides 22 PCIe lanes and only supports one video card at x16.

               Pros: It's cheap and only uses 14W of power.

               Cons: It only supports a single video card.

          990X is AMD's mainstream chipset. It also provides 22 PCIe lanes, but has support to crossfire two video cards at x8.

               Pros: It supports two video cards and only uses 14W of power.

               Cons: It's a bit more expensive.

          990FX is of course the enthusiast chipset with 38 PCIe lanes and support for up to four video cards at x8 each or two at x16.

               Pro: It supports four video cards.

               Con: It's a lot more expensive and uses 20W of power.


          'Course any extra lanes are usually used for PCIe x4 or 1x slots.

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            If I am not mistaken than in general it's just about peripherals. The whole motherboard should not have any noticeable impact on raw performance. So iamthesaga the thing you should be looking at is actual connectors on the desired motherboard. The fact that motherboard chipset can support XY connectors does not mean that manufacturer actually put them on the board.


            Thank you jamesc359 , that was helpful.

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