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    No Signal via Display Port MSI R9 390


      Howdy folks,


      I just bought this new monitor recently, BenQ BL3201PT, and I'm unable to receive any signal from it using the mini DP to DP cable that is provided with it. I'm using the panel right now via HDMI, but I'm limited to 30Hz. I'm seeing the picture up to the Windows loading screen, after its supposed to show desktop there's only black screen with "no signal", and the right output is selected in its OSD. I can also hear the sound of a device connecting like when you plug in your phone or USB flash, but that's about it. I tried setting high performance mode in Windows to try fixing it and some other stuff but nothing helps. I'm on Windows 7 SP 1 64-bit, with the latest Crimson 16.4.1 drivers installed.


      Any help would be appreciated, thx.