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Amd A10-6800k overheating under load in open case with stock cooler

Question asked by trentius_ on Apr 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by trentius_

So back when I was a computer "noob" for my first build I got an A10-6800k, a compatible asus a55bm-e motherboard and 4gb of ram. Currently this is still my main system with a Evga nvidia gtx 960, 8gb of ram, same motherboard and cpu and its in a corsair carbide 300r windowed case with lot of airflow. But when I first built it it had a tendency to Bluescreen with all the latest drivers on windows 7 64bit, so I thought it could be a power issue so I got a new power supply, it still kept bluescreening. right now it has been doing this for ~2 years, Today I decided to set up my in OS bios tool on my second monitor to keep an eye on temps clock speed etc. The problem that seems to be causing the bluescreens seems to be an over heating issue with a stock cooler and underclocked to about 2.6ghz. Can anyone help me out?