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Freezing while display driver instaltion R270

Question asked by angrycustomer911 on Apr 17, 2016

Yesterday when I played arma 3 my screen goes black and whole system goes freez.

The first thing I did was restart. The system will not boot. After the Windows logo screen went black.

In safe mode I removed the drivers and I tried to install the new drivers(and older after thousand of attempts).


This is the problem: During the installation of the drivers screen goes black twice ("Display Driver" instalation). The second time screen not come back. Stay black and the system shuts down but computer still working (all fans are working).


Computer specification:

Gigabyte Radeon R9 270

Tances Valeo II 600W

Motherboard Asrock z87 extreme3

INTEL CORE i5-4670K .


Please help.