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Catalyst Control Center doesn't work anymore

Question asked by reddot on Apr 17, 2016

So I tried to update my driver and it sent me to the AMD site with a download link for "Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta" and "Catalyst Software Suite".

After I installed both, my Catalyst Control Center didn't work anymore. The Crimson software told me my driver is not updated and I need to install the newest driver with a link that sent me back to the same site where I just downloaded the software from. Then a window popped out, told me that I have no functioning driver installed.

I searched for a new driver but with all this Crimson stuff, evertime the same problem. It just doesn't work at all.

Because of that, I used my hardware manager to install a driver for my graphics card. Now the card works again but the control center doesn't.

I need the control center, because I have a very stupid laptop that uses the Intel graphics card for everything as long as I don't tell him to use the AMD card (by using the control center).


How can I get my control center back? I don't want this Crimson stuff, it doesn't work.

Please help.