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Performance worse with Crimson Drivers

Question asked by luckypunk on Apr 17, 2016

Hi, I am constantly downloading Crimson drivers in the hopes of performance boosts and fixes, but they aren't working for me.


Just tried the latest 16.4.1. I have been noticing for a while that performance on Unigine Valley was dipping with each new driver but hadn't the time to compare drivers.


16.4.1 drivers made the Valley score drop to below 2000 for the first time ever (previously over 2400 with catalyst) so I thought it was time to do some tests. Rolling back to a catalyst (15.11.1 I believe) from November last year fixes the problem and the score is back over 2400. Now, I know benchmarks aren't everything but performance in Fallout 4 is better with old drivers too - only by a couple of frames but still...

I've also never got any crimson game settings to work (i.e. antialiasing, shader cache, all that stuff) but had given up on that anyway.


Catalyst 15.11.1:

Unigine Valley = score 2450ish, Max fps 110, Min fps 30

Fallout 4 (worst fps area I can find) 42fps


Crimson 16.4.1:

Unigine valley = score 1980ish, Max fps 80, Min fps 25

Fallout 4 (same area) 40fps


I guess my question is twofold -

1/ Is there anything I can do that improves crimson performance?

2/ Why even bother with crimson if it negatively impacts performance?


Asus r9 290, factory OC'd to 1000/1260

Windows 10

i5 2500k OC'd to 4.4ghz

16gb Ram @1866mhz

600w psu