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sapphire R9 380 nitro core clock issues

Question asked by gamerdagon00 on Apr 16, 2016

i just got my sapphire r9 380 nitro and im having frame rate issues. in dark souls 3 im only getting 25-32 fps which is not what i was expecting because my 7770 got around 19-25 fps at max settings, 1080p. i used msi afterburner to monitor my gpu settings and i noticed that my core clock only goes around 300mhz-600mhz. its starts out at 300mhz with about 25 fps but if a lot starts happening in the game the core clock will rise to about 600mhz and the fps will get better. then the core clock goes down and the fps go back to crap. my 7770 always ran around the max core clock when i started playing a game but the r9 doesn't. how can i force the core clock to go to the 1010mhz max?