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Sony Vegas performance

Question asked by marcelvossen on Apr 16, 2016

Hi there,


I have just replaced my Geforce GTX 550 Ti with an MSI AMD R9 380 graphic card to improve my preview and rendering speeds in Sony Vegas.
I don't notice a lot of difference in the previewing though, if I click on different parts of my timeline it takes a while for the system to pick up, sometimes the preview freezes etc.
I do have some NewBlue color effects on the footage and 4 videotracks with 1080p video, pictures and text layers and 4 audio tracks.
My system is an i7 2600 and my footage (1080p MP4) is on large 4Tb normal harddrives.


Maybe I have to install or configure other things apart from installing the latest drivers from the AMD site?
Maybe something important in my system BIOS that I don't even know about?


Thanks for the input!