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290x Crossfire - Screen Flicker in Windows 10 Safe Mode

Question asked by mikegray on Apr 16, 2016

I have two 290x GPUs running in Crossfire. Other system specs: Win 10 64b, 6700K w/ no OC, asus z-170a, 16gb RAM, big ssd


Ever since upgrading to Crimson last year I've been getting some weird problems. The most severe:


When I tell msconfig to reboot Windows into safe mode, the screen flickers like mad IN SAFE MODE. msconfig is not usable due to the flickering, which makes it impossible to reboot back into normal mode.


The only way I can get OUT of safe mode is run Guru3d's Display Driver Uninstaller through Task Manager - and even that is EXTREMELY tricky with the screen constantly flickering. The good thing about the uninstaller is that it automatically reboots Windows in normal mode - without that feature I would have to reinstall Windows 10 from a USB stick.


I've seen many examples of people getting flickering in Windows NORMAL mode and booting into safe mode to reset their drivers - but this is REALLY weird!


Further remarks: (a) The GPUs work fine for games and normal Windows computing. The Crossfire icon appears if I turn it on, and performance is correct. I've wanted to use safe mode for other reason, NOT because of GPU problems. (b) I didn't have this problem before moving from Catalyst to Crimson. (c) I have tried a couple clean resets of Windows 10, no change: Safe Mode is the opposite of safe! (d) The cards are not hardware/bios-level overclocked.


FURTHER INFO: Screen resolution is 2560 x 1440, dell 2711, DisplayPort. Windows 10 Display adapter PRoperties says the screen is running at 60hz.