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    R9 380X Problems


      Hello, so I bought a Sapphire R9 380X with 4GB VRam Recently and have alot of issues.
      My first problem is in some games (like in AC Unity) my screen goes black. My Monitor says there is no HDMI plugged in.
      It's like my Monitor is getting Disconnected from the Graphic Card.
      Similar to this is that im getting kicked out of some games and there is a little pop up that says that the Display Driver crashed or something.

      My Second problem is that the Fans are not working properly. I did some testing and my Fans are spinning at 20% until the Card reaches 100°. After 100° the Fans spin at 100% for 1-2 Seconds and go back to 20%.
      I have to manually set them to 50% fan speed to make sure that the card isnt overheating. Im using the latest drivers. What is wrong with my card?




      Sorry for my english =)

      My Rig:

      ProcessorAMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor
      Speed4.2 GHz
      Number of Cores6
      Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit
      Service Pack0
      Size64 Bit
      Memory8.0 GB
      Sound Device 1HyperX 7.1 Audio
      Driver Version10.0.10586.0
      Sound Device 2VIA HD Audio
      Driver Version6.0.11.800



      After more research and testing, rolling back to 15.11.xx my problems got fixed. The Fans are working properly now and the crash in AC:Unity is gone. Not sure about other Games tho.
      So to the people out there with a similar problem. Just roll back to driver update 15.11 and everything SHOULD be fine.


      Make sure you uninstall your driver with DDU first:

      Display Driver Uninstaller Download version


      And the Driver:

      AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver for Windows

      So AMD get your Shi.. Stuff together and fix the drivers! <3




      EDIT 2.


      So after rolling back to 15.11.1 I still get driver crashes/no signal/freeze in Fallout 4. I need some help ASAP. I can't believe it. You guys have to roll out a fix for this Card!
      amdmatt do you have anything that would help me out?

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          This seems to have solved my issue with Dark Souls 3 at least. Haven't tried other games yet.


          Using XFX 380x

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            Worked for me. Much appreciated.

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              I was having this problems too, but only on Windows 10 64 bit, I used a sapphire r9 380 4 gb for 3 months on a win 8.1 64 bits and no issues, no crashes, no black screens, after I updated my OS to win 10 64 bits, I got black screen on Shadow of Mordor, Ryse Son of Rome, Ark Survival, I was initially think was because I upgraded the OS, so I did a win 10 clean install, but got the same issues with black screens, reverting back to win 8.1 solved the problems for me. And reverting back to catalyst 15.11.1 solved dark souls 3 crashes and stutter problems.


              Try to install a win 8.1 on a different partition and test if you have black screen or crashes.