Graphics Driver slows down entire system

Discussion created by ragtimer on Apr 15, 2016

Hello there.


Occasionally when my system boots up I have heavy stuttering and lag on windows. When I move My mouse it lags slightly. When I open some windows and programms and slide over the task menu to see the previews windows almost dies from stuttering. When music is played it lags as soon as I enter some Input or some work is done on the pc. When I slide over the tabs in the task menu or switch between windows or scroll in a browser, sound gets really laggy and slow like at 50% speed.

I try many different things and at some point it just vanishes after a restart or reinstall of the drivers. But now I narrowed it down to the culprit of the problem. It's the graphics driver.


How I know it's the driver:

The system works perfectly when I disable the graphics card (driver) in the device manager by deactivating it. As soon as I activate it again it lags again.

It also helps to uninstall the driver which works the same.

I tried different drivers and it happened on all of them (I don't know the versions exactly but those were some latest ones "crimson that were available since last two months).


Some curiosity:

As I switched from an earlier driver to the latest one, the problem disappeared but it returned after like a week and after I had some crashes which don't seem related. If I switch to an other driver version (not nessesarily a newer one) it works again but as soon as it happens with that driver too I can't go back to this driver or a previously used driver to solve it. It seems like I waste them.

I also tried the AMD cleanup utility to clear-uninstall drivers which did sometimes help but sometimes not. I still don't know if it was helping by forcing me to restart or by actually deleting some registry entries.



Some times when I get the driver to work it's all ok. I can play games and use desktop and hear music but once it "breaks" everything is impossible to do as it lags like hell and I have to use windows system recovery or fiddle with the drivers by reinstalling them.


And please before you say: update your drivers or update your windows... I did that all and more important is: IT ALL WORKED WITH NO PROBLEMS UNTIL IT SUDDENLY BROKE.




System Specs:


drivers (in German but you get the idea I guess):


Radeon Softwareversion - 16.4.1

Radeon Software Edition - Crimson

Grafik-Chipsatz - AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

Speichergröße - 2048 MB

Speichertyp - GDDR5

Systemtaktrate - 1175 MHz

Windows-Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)

Systemspeicher - 8 GB

CPU-Typ - AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor



driver details:


Version der Radeon Einstellungen - 2016.0403.2360.41341

Treiber-Paketversion - 16.15.2211.1001-160403a-301124E

Anbieter - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

2D-Treiberversion -

Direct3D® Version -

OpenGL® Version -

OpenCL™ Version -

AMD Mantle-Version -

AMD Mantle API-Version - 98309

AMD Audio-Treiberversion -


hardware details:


Grafikkarten-Hersteller - Powered by AMD

Grafik-Chipsatz - AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

Geräte-ID - 6658

Anbieter-ID - 1002

Subsystem-ID - 2935

Subsystem-Anbieter-ID - 1462

Revisions-ID - 00

Bustyp - PCI Express 3.0

Aktuelle Buseinstellungen - PCI Express 2.0 x16

BIOS-Version -

BIOS-Teilenummer - 113-C5820400-X01

BIOS-Datum - 2013/09/18 03:14

Speichergröße - 2048 MB

Speichertyp - GDDR5

Speichertaktfrequenz - 1625 MHz

Systemtaktrate - 1175 MHz

Gesamte Speicherbandbreite - 104 GByte/s

2D-Treiberpfad - /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Class/{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}/0000