Looking for advice for my first build...

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As the title states, I am finally working on building my first rig.  I haven't bought a computer in almost 10 years.  I acquired a Dell XPS 1530 about 7-8 years ago and about 4 years ago I got a small  Toshiba Ultrabook from a friend.  It is time I build my own machine that will hopefully stay with me for a while but I need to do it on a budget.  If you see my build I plan on getting, some stuff I already have but some I need to get.  I don't know about the GPU quality as it was just mentioned from a friend that he would give it to me.  My plans is to have an all around "good" machine.  I will do gaming, music production/recording, some video work as well as working with Hyper-V and such on it.  Any advice on what my plans are would be appreciated.




Cooler*AMD Wraith Cooler
Motherboard*ASRock Fatal1ty 970
Memory16 GB Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3
GraphicsOld 9800GT (hand me down)
Disc Drive 1*Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Disc Drive 2Western Digital 500GB Blue HDD
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSU*Corsair CX600M 600 Watt
Case*Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 Redshift ATX Special Edition Gaming Case w/ Red LED Fans
MonitorOld 20" Acer (VGA only)


* Still Needed