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Twitch HTML5 player causing video driver crash

Question asked by anuran1 on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by darkbeast

This issue emerges when using Firefox to watch videos on the website using the new HTML5 player. At first everything is fine, but there is gradual corruption of the firefox window. Text disappears, graphics corrupt, and eventually the corruption of the graphics leak out into the windows desktop or Aero, causing a video driver crash and recovery. This only happens with the twitch HTML5 player. It does not happen with every stream. I've tested many streams and i can nail it down to 60fps streams. The resolution doesnt matter. For example:


720p @ 30fps (working)

720p @ 40fps (working)

720p @ 50fps (working)

720p @ 60fps (Driver Crash)


1080p @ 30fps (working)

1080p @ 40fps (working)

1080p @ 50fps (working)

1080p @ 60fps (Driver Crash)



GPU: Sapphire R280X

Driver: Crimson 16.4.1

Everything updated to the newest version.