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AMD  and Doom Open Beta ?

Question asked by kroms on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by kroms

Not sure if AMD has done this but  I really hope they are on top of this.

Doom Beta is  out and it would not only be a shame  but HURT AMD's  reputation by not having drivers out for it.

" But it's beta you say  "  ..................... Yes it is a beta but  Why give Nvidia and its usrs all the  more reason as to why Nvidia is more in tune with Gaming then AMD.
Im tired of hearing people on NVidia  hardware keep saying how bad AMD and its drivers are when I can see that AMD and Crimson have changed the game and experience  as far as drivers and updates, now its time to also show everyone that AMD is on top of it with drivers ready for the newest tiles coming out.
After all , some people might not be so savvy and decide that its better to buy Nvidia because there cards will run the latest game right on release day.



Nvidia rolls out Geforce 364.96 Hotfix drivers  

One to have for Doom Open Beta

Nvidia has rolled out its latest Geforce 364.96 Hotfix drivers coming with both optimizations and fixes as well as SLI support for Doom Open Beta which kicks off today.

According to details on site, the new Geforce 364.96 Hotfix drivers are solely released for the Bethesda's Doom Open Beta phase which starts today, April 15th and end on April 17th. The same site also says that these will bring all the necessary optimizations as well as SLI support for Doom Open Beta.