DOOM Open Beta starts at 12am (Midnight) Eastern, update your video drivers to 16.4.1

Discussion created by savagebeastzero on Apr 14, 2016

Hey Red Team,


Just wanted to remind everyone that the DOOM Open Beta begins at 12am/midnight (eastern), US the 15th of April. If interested, be sure to update to the 16.4.1 Crimson drivers and pre-load the game in preparation before it begins, so you can frag like it's 1993 again without any issues. Here's all the information, including minimum/recommended specifications and all other things associated with the DOOM Open Beta midnight release!


DOOM Open Beta Information

DOOM Open Beta Technical FAQ v01.1 | Forums


DOOM Open Beta Steam download page

DOOM Open Beta on Steam


Remember it's free and open to all! So good luck to all anticipating the unlock at midnight! After over ten years of the series hibernation, it's about to awake from its slumber! Let's frag baby!


Edit: The Beta started early, so if interested you can play right now! Just as these Alpha benchmarks display, I can safely say that Radeon performance during the open beta is no different. Although they haven't enabled the advanced graphics settings yet, thus far what's there works well performance wise.


doom radeon benchmarks.png