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    PC not recognising AMD and Intel Graphics even after installing the correct Driver(Windows 10)


      Hi, I updated to Windows 10 yesterday, opened NFS:MW2012 and, got a HUGE FPS DROP, tried to search up a bit and found out that the AMD GPU is not working (Even the Intel one). Then I tried installing the required Drivers using the AMD Auto Driver update, which did not recognise my AMD GPU, then I installed the AMD Crimson Edition Drivers installer(Windows 10 x64) which also said: http://prntscr.com/asgkic and after installing the Driver, the Device Manager false recognises my 'AMD Radeon R5 M230' display Adapter as 'AMD Radeon HD 8500M' (Proof: 1http://prntscr.com/asgl3r ) and the R5 M230 is not getting Detected and used for all my purposes, I've tried all neccessary methods(Updating Drivers for windows 10, updating BIOS, etc) but no success. This would be my last flicker of hope, else I'll go to the Lenovo service center. =(


      My PC specs.:-

      Lenovo G50-80 Laptop


      AMD Radeon R5 M230 2GB

      Intel Core i5 5200U(2.2Ghz)

      4GB RAM

      1TB ROM


      Please help me.