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970 chipset motherboard driver install probelms

Question asked by videobruce on Apr 14, 2016

Running Win7 x64 on a Gigabte GS-970A-D3P MB, I'm having problems with installing USB3 drivers. There is also a problem installing this lame, what should be unnecessary 'Install Mgr. which I now see is a HUGE problem  that has been broken and apparently AMD isn't acknowledging the problem.


I have always tried to install drivers via Device Manager, as I usually don't want or need 'add ons' that bloat an already bloated O/S.


The actually MB chipset drivers and the USB3 drivers that are apparently applied after, over, or in conjunction with the existing Northbridge drivers are the problem.


Is there a way I can manually install all of these WITHOUT using that annoying, 'broken' Install Mgr package??