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How can I change the refresh rate on my eyefinity to a custom lowest

Question asked by cadaver87 on Apr 13, 2016

My monitor is using a functioning adaptive displayport to dvi and the 144hz is not best choice, so how can i change it to use 75hz with my other 60hz monitors

Eg. My main monitor is dvi, and the graphics has no dvi so I bought a displayport to dvi adaptive adapter, but it can only push 100hz at 1080p, so I need to be able to set it or write a custom monitor profile which I can force eyefinity to use, however I'm unsure how to do this, I was checking with PowerStrip but it seems a little confusing,  Is it simple as writing one driver for the one monitor or is there something need to make which uses the 5760x1080 and puts a refresh rate for each, my other monitors only drive 60hz.