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    Crossfire issue


      I'm a bit useless when it comes to things like this


      I have a 295x2 card, I've noticed after looking at MSI after burner and GPU-z


      that the second core on my card, the memory core keeps jumping from 1250 down to 150 Mhz


      the first card uses 24% fan speed whilst the second card is using 100% of the fan speed


      Should the card be jumping like that on the Mhz?



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          It's normal behaviour. The GPU is used for rendering in Windows and whilst you browse the web, watch videos, etc.

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              Ok, Thanks a bunch Matt, was playing division, for some reason the game has been forcing me into windowed fullscreen which I know the crossfire can't run on


              But sadly being on an R9 295x2, which was the same issue on Rainbow six siege, I get black flickering, although it was worse on siege, textures wouldn't load at all on crossfire, got the most recent version of the Crimson drivers but divison is basically unplayable, the issue isn't there on windowed fullscreen but then I get stuck with 10-20 frames, and I'm not sure if the crossfire is disabled at times but I still get the black flickering on fullscreen sadly